Exploring Oregon’s Mystical Oneonta Falls

Inflatable standup paddleboards continue to gain popularity and open up new waterways for paddlers that previously were unreachable. When deflated, they can fit into a large backpack and give paddlers the mobility to explore areas and fit into spaces that previously were unaccessible. From underground WWII bunkers to remote mountain lakes, inflatable SUPs allows paddlers to become pioneers–a rare term in the 21st century.

This video provides a perfect example of this as paddler Darrell Kirk paddles in Oregon’s Oneonta Falls. Ducking under giant logs and climbing over boulders, Kirk’s inflatable SUP gave him the mobility to explore this hidden gem on the Columbia River Gorge. While it was a challenge getting there, he was rewarded with a glorious waterfall cascading between towering rock walls covered in green moss. So enjoy watching SUP pioneering and get inspired to grab your own board and explore our majestic planet.


Footage of standup paddling another Oregon gem…the Hood River.

Adorable video of Darrell Kirk sharing the stoke and paddling with his young son.