Fiona Wylde | Paddling and Exploring in Japan

When it comes to standup paddling’s top athletes, we already know what they can do on the water. Between races, contests, and videos, their super-human abilities on a SUP are admired by fellow paddlers and fans alike. But do you ever wonder what the life of a professional paddler is really like? Well thanks to the folks at Werner Paddles, we get an inside look into the life of top paddler Fiona Wylde.

They tagged along during her latest trip t0 Japan–where she was competing in the Victoria Cup for the first round of the Standup World Series. In addition to finishing a strong second at the race, Wylde spent time sampling local cuisine and exploring traditional sites with her boyfriend and fellow pro paddler, Bernd Roediger. So enjoy taking a rare look into the actual life of one of SUP’s biggest stars.


Fiona Wylde on an epic SUP surfing trip to the British Virgin Islands.

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