Colorado River Surfing With Badfish SUP from Badfish SUP on Vimeo.

Glenwood Glory

Non-river surfers often say they want to try surfing river waves because they’re always breaking. River surfers know different. River waves are based on flows and become rideable based on the amount of water in a particular river and how said water reacts to river features like rocks and/or elevation change in the riverbed. Sometimes river waves are dynamic and riders are able to surf them like they would an ocean wave. Other times, they’re flat and listless.

This spring the Glenwood Springs Whitewater Park hit a flow of 22,000 CFS creating some of the best and biggest river surfing conditions on that stretch of water in years. Team Badfish was there to take the wave on and got it all on video. Mike Tavares shows off his backside prowess, Brittany Parker nails a 360 and 11-year-old Miles Harvey gets us stoked on river surfing’s future.

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