Great White Shark Attacks in Southern California

The holiday weekend brought droves of locals and vacationers to Southern California beaches, as well as some unexpected terror from a great white shark attack. On Saturday, July 5, a juvenile great white shark attacked Steven Robles, a 50-year-old competitive ocean swimmer who was training off the shore of Manhattan Beach with a group of 14. The great white had grown agitated after being hooked by a fisherman on the pier nearby for nearly 45 minutes.

Robles says the great white made a “real fast sharp left turn and lunged” straight at his chest. Staring eye-to-eye with his attacker, Robles gave the great white a punch in the nose, escaping with some serious bite wounds. Fellow swimmers and a nearby surfer helped Robles get to shore, where he was rushed to the hospital.

Robles is now at home recovering, but is unsure of when he’ll return to the water.
Watch the video above from CBS as Robles relives his harrowing brush with death.

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