How to SUP: Saving Shoulders With Danny Ching

Before becoming one of the hottest racers in standup paddling, Danny Ching paddled strictly outrigger canoe and captured the solo world championship in 2008. Outrigger paddling is an ancient discipline, with centuries-old Polynesian roots and well established techniques. In contrast, standup paddling is an infant. The most seasoned vets have paddled little more than five years. So at this stage in the game, even the experts are still honing technique for efficiency and safety. Recently, young racers like Slater Trout have been forced to take time off or miss events because of wear issues, especially in the shoulder area. Paddlers like Ching—who won both of this year's Battle of the Paddle elite races–have an advantage with their canoe backgrounds. Here, Ching drops knowledge on how to protect your shoulders. — Joe Carberry

By the way, this is just a teaser. Look for the full technique article with Danny Ching this month in the winter issue of SUP magazine.

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