Izzi Gomez and El Niño | Hawaii Highlights

2X teenage world champ proves surfing like a girl is something all men should aspire to.

This week, we celebrated International Women’s Day and it couldn’t have come at a more suitable time. For the first time in history there’s a serious chance that a woman will become the most powerful person on earth upon the next presidential election. Meanwhile, a total of 108 women currently serve in the 114th U.S. Congress, another first for the gender. And in a world where knowledge is power, women are earning their fair share of both—58 percent of college graduates are female (for those of us who barely made it through grade school, that’s 8% more than men…wait, is that right?). Our point: Girl power is thriving now more than ever. There’s even a #freethenipple movement underway, encouraging women to liberate their bosoms with pride. You go, girls!

I truly believe I’m speaking for most men in saying I am proud and relieved to see the progress of feminism and the equality of genders prevail between men and man’s proverbial “better halves” (note the irony?). I am beyond stoked and supportive of the historic political milestones taking place. And I am a firm (no pun intended) believer in the #freethenipple movement; not just because I’m a fan of nipples, because I’m a fan of equity.

I have to admit though, there is one prospect of girl power (and I truly believe I’m speaking for most men in saying this) that I will always find tough to swallow.

Now, I’m not a sexist. My beautiful, braless, au naturale armpitted girlfriend will vouch for me on that. But the prospect of being out-surfed by a girl (and also many a man, though that’s beside the point) scares the hell out of me. I’m pretty sure a girl who surfs better than I do is evolutionarily etched into my manhood as as a creature to fear. Most men, honest men anyway, would likely agree.

Worldwide, women are still very much suppressed even today, an injustice female athletes like two-time Standup World Tour champion Izzi Gomez are made to change. Women are also still the extreme minority in surfing, which makes it even more impressive when a they surfs better than their male compatriots in the lineup. Which makes 16-year-old, 2X Standup World Tour champion Izzi Gomez truly astounding. This gal surfs better than all the men in most lineups combined.

So sit back, relax—and men, put your egos aside—as you enjoy 1:13 of girl power in its finest form. Izzi Gomez, teenage world champion, surfing spectacularly on the North Shore. International Women’s Day gives us an opportunity to tip our cap to you, ladies, for all you’ve overcome and all you’ve accomplished. Cheers to your achievements, your intelligence and your ability to keep us men in line all this time. And Izzi, it may be tough for some of us to admit, but we’re stoked to see you SUP surfing just as good as (if not way better than) us men do. Keep ‘er coming.

There’s nearly another year until the next International Women’s Day, but this video—and its reflection of youth, paddling, surfing, Hawaii, El Niño, drone footage, Izzi Gomez, and for this purpose, womanhood in particular—is something anyone can celebrate any day.

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