Kai Lenny Analyzes His Massive Barrel at Jaws

By now we’ve all seen the incredible media that came out of Hawaii this past winter. From Sunset to Waimea Bay and anywhere in between, Hawaii was at its very best. Despite idyllic waves at countless spots, perhaps no spot was more jaw-dropping than–well–Jaws. This world-famous spot lived up to its name this past winter, gobbling up and spitting out surfers and paddlers who dared to outrun its crushing bite.

However, there is one paddler who just seems to have a special feel for the place. Kai Lenny constantly finds a way to catch the biggest wave and get the deepest barrels at the famed spot. This includes the biggest barrel ever ridden on a SUP–a feat he completed during an epic session at Jaws at few months ago. In this video, Kai breaks down the entire ride and the special connection he feels when surfing at Jaws.


Footage from this winter of the biggest waves ever SUP surfed.

Watch female SUP surfer Nicole Pacelli paddle into a massive one at Jaws.