Kai Lenny is well-known for being a huge proponent of the “ride everything” culture. Whether it be kiting, windsurfing, prone surfing, standup paddling or foiling, Lenny gets more water time than anyone else because he rides more boards than anyone else. So it should come as no surprise that when a motorized surfboard came along, the Maui waterman was all for it.

In true Kai Lenny fashion, he recently put the contraption to the test in punishing surf at Jaws. Naturally, Lenny put on quite the show as he rode giant waves, outran 20-foot walls of crashing whitewater and even used the waves as jumps to get some serious air. The debate will undoubtedly rage on about what place motorized surfboards have (or don’t have) in lineups, but nevertheless, this provides a fascinating look at the possibilities of these new crafts.


Kai Lenny’s newest film about the “ride everything” culture, Paradigm Lost.

Watch: Kai Lenny goes “flying” on a foil.