Kayak and SUP Party Wave Gone Wrong

Many a heated debate have evolved around the narrow, ambiguous and interpretive line between being laughably playful and inconsiderately careless, or even dangerous, in the surf zone. When the lineup is dense (see San Onofre) or the stakes are high (see Teahupoo), it’s better for standup paddle surfers to err on the side of courteousy and excessive etiquette. But when the waves are puny and the lineup consists of you and a pal, a little horseplay usually doesn’t harm anyone.

Here we find a kayaker, a standup paddler and an empty lineup of swell that better suits the word ripple than the word wave.   They go for the same wave, clearly recognizing each other (as indicated by the mischievous, grade-schooler giggling) on the path to collision, but instead of getting out of one another’s way, kayak slams straight into SUP. Paddler goes flying, kayaker gets clobbered by wave, and all return to situation normal unscathed. Now, you tell us: Is anyone here in the wrong? Why or why not?

We’d love to hear your thoughts. Drop your two cents in the comment section to help shape the debate.

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