Kody Kerbox || In The Jaws Of The Ocean || 4:13

It’s the nine-inch heels on an aspiring beauty queen because she just doesn’t feel “good” in flats. It’s the too-cool-for-practicality shortboard that hangs beneath a greenhorn surfer’s arm because the proper beginner’s tool—a longboard or SUP—might reap scoffs in the lineup. It’s the SBD emitted in shame because the louder, squeakier version might make people smile, or worse, laugh aloud.

In a world imbued with nervous ulterior motives and hopelessly false images, happiness is often upper-handed by endeavors to maintain some lofty facade far from a situation’s reality. Stoke is sacrificed to stereotypes. Fun is forsaken for fashion.

Kody Kerbox is the epitome of a kid who doesn’t give a funk about faking it. He chases stoke on whatever tool makes the most sense for the conditions—whatever he feels like riding for a given session. He doesn’t think much about what people think of him.

“I standup paddle because it’s fun,” Kody says. “I wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t fun.” With the Standup World Tour Stop # 2—the #SapinusPro—in Tahiti only two days away, we have a feeling that maxim will carry Kody, currently in route to the competition, much farther than any high-heels or SBDs ever could (plus, it smells less, and that’s [almost] always a good thing).