Lochs | Scotland | Water of Life

“Yes, we're using inflatables to go downwinding. Not the ideal tool for the job, but it's all we've got. The wind is blowing 20-plus knots on the water so we have to get out there on any craft we can. And while there are small pockets of enthusiasts around the Scotland SUP hasn't seen the wellspring here it has stateside. You can't find a shops brimming with shiny new equipment at every town on the water. We get inquisitive looks almost everywhere we go, especially when we cross the narrow curve on our way into Loch Ness in our gear.

The water is frigid. We wear lifejackets and leashes as we don't know what the regulations on the loch are, and more importantly, it's so cold we're afraid we'd get about 10 strokes before locking up if we separated from our boards.

This is an excerpt from our feature story, Water of Life from SUP mag's Fall 2015 Issue. Read the full tale.