Longboard vs. Shortboard SUP Surfing

The debate rages on about whether a longboard or shortboard SUP is optimal for surfing. Our opinion? Try both and find out for yourself. Everyone has a different skill set and what works for one person won’t necessarily work for someone else. While a longboard is great for noseriding and classic carving, the shortboard will benefit those looking to surf steeper waves and crank tighter turns.

This video features both boards in action with SUP surfer Roger “Dogman” Saunders riding a 7’10” and Jackson Close carving on a 10-footer. With solid swell on tap, these two get to put their equipment to the test in this latest battle royale. While they both perform well, we’ll let you be the judge of which board looks like more fun.


How a smaller board could help your SUP surfing abilities.

Watch: Dogman attempts to SUP surf while sitting in a couch chair.