Man and Dog SUP Surf Tidal Bore, Set New Guinness World Record

Is it just us, or do tidal bores seem to be a hot trend in SUP right now?

Between a surreal video of paddlers riding a glassy tidal bore in Alaska and Kai Bates’ recent trip to Papua New Guinea–where he braved croc-infested waters to shred a tidal bore of mythical proportions–it’s been a constant topic of conversation in the paddling community. But now comes perhaps the biggest tidal bore story of the year–a new Guinness World Record for “The Longest Standup Paddleboard Ride on a River Bore By a Human and Dog Pair.”

While yes, that is a comically long title for an official world record, it does not make the feat any less impressive. Ivan Moreira and his five-year-old labrador, Bono, rode a tidal bore for 1.05 miles on the Mearim River, located on the northern coast of Brazil.

Not surprisingly, the record-breaking duo have lots of experience together on a paddleboard. In fact, Moreira began paddling with his SUP pup when Bono was only six months old.

"It is a great feeling to achieve this title especially because I get to share this achievement with Bono," Moreira said in a press release. "I dreamt about this since the first time Bono rode [on] a standup paddleboard and I feel very happy to have accomplished it."

So watch for yourself as Ivan and Bono go gliding into the record books, in perhaps the most jaw-dropping SUP pup feat of all time.


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