Fourth Annual Miami River Rally

When it comes to SUP racing, events can range from fun and challenging, to downright painful and exhausting. But no matter the difficulty of the event, the appeal of racing is fueled by the paddlers’ competitive spirit. The internal drive that forces them to keep charging, even when their weary arms are screaming for them to stop. But the Miami River Rally offers racers something unique; something that very few–if any–races can boast. The 4th Annual Miami River Rally gave SUP racers the opportunity to virtually paddle back in time.

Now let us explain, the organizers did not invent some sort of time machine that allows paddlers to literally go back in time–though we’re sure historic pioneers like Lewis and Clark would have found paddleboards very helpful. Instead, the race course followed the Miami River which took paddlers through different time periods in the South Beach area.

The race began along Biscayne Bay, where paddlers stoked beneath the shadows of modern skyscrapers and the Miami skyline. Soon paddlers were racing through old Miami, which dates back to the time of the first settlers in the region. Finally, the SUP racers paddled past the outskirts of town and into the wilderness that was once home to the Tequesta Indians. Basically, the Miami River Rally was part SUP race and part historical tour.

This video highlights some of the exciting action from the event. The event featured both a 5K and 10K race up the river with several different crafts competing including SUP, kayak and canoe. Since the Miami River is a well-traveled waterway, the paddlers also had to avoid boat traffic which added a challenging element to the race. Nevertheless, the event appeared to be a great success and paddlers enjoyed the chance to race (and learn) on the Miami River.


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