Mike Tavares || Animas River || Durango, Colorado

Fact is, river surfing sounds awesome in theory, and looks awesome to most people, but for advanced ocean surfers, most river SUP surfing looks less than spectacular. Many standing waves are small, crumbly, fat; generally unimpressive when pitted against the ocean waves most surfers dream about. There are no overhead sets on the river. No barrels. No vertical sections, no ramps…most of the time, there’s not even a ‘pocket.’
Surfing such waves with style and grace is difficult; performing technical maneuvers and critical turns is next to impossible. But, not for Mike Tavares. Mikey T built a career out of making river SUP look good, and he’s one of a hand full of guys in his line of work who really excels at his job. Here, he goes to work on the Animas River in Colorado at around 2500 cfs. If you translate that into ocean surfer lingo, you might say it’s firing. Given the circumstances, Mikey T looks anything but unspectacular.

Mikey T’s latest downriver SUP edit
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