Moonlight Alaia | Noa Ginella, A Master of Many Crafts

There’s something in the way he moves…or surfs that is. Standup world tour veteran Noa Ginella is far from a one-trick pony. As seems to be the case with most professional SUP surfers, Ginella is an all-around waterman and excels in several different surfing disciplines, including the ancient Hawaiian tradition of Alaia surfing.

This is roots surfing in its purest form in which thin, wooden boards–that can reach 12 feet long and weigh nearly 100 pounds–are surfed without fins (or paddle). Instead of relying on the fins to keep the board in the wave, that responsibility rests in the skill of the surfer. The Oahu native’s loose style pays off with several 360 spins and a fun session on the board that gave birth to modern surfing. While most of us would struggle just to control the board, Ginella’s ability to ride the Alaia with ease is a testament to his abilities in the water.


More footage of Noa in action, this time surfing his massive SUP race board.

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