A New Wave Coming | Connor Baxter and Zane Schweitzer Go Foil Surfing

There's a new a style of hydrofoils in standup paddling, and their eminent public release is churning the waters of SUP with an onslaught of buzz regarding its feasibility, practicality and general potential for a damn good time. The Go Foil, is an underwater wing that–when used properly–will lift the board and rider out of the water during downwinders or while surfing. While Starboard and other brands are designing specific boards tailored to the foil, paddlers will be happy to learn it also attaches to any SUP through a modified fin-box.

Last month, Kai Lenny unveiled the new device with a mind-blowing video of him downwinding with the foil—a discipline where hydrofoiling had never been figured out before. The reaction from the SUP community? Overwhelming. Paddlers, surfers and watersports enthusiasts alike were all fascinated with the Go Foil and many believe it will dramatically change not only downwinding, but the entire sport of standup paddling.

Now, we find a video of Starboard riders Connor Baxter and Zane Schweitzer riding the foil in the surf. While people have been hydrofoiling in the surf for quite some time, the versatility of the Go Foil could prove revolutionary.

Want to try one? You’ll have to wait a few months because while you can pre-order the Go Foil, it will not begin shipping until August. So for now, enjoy watching the newest craze in SUP and weigh in with your own opinion: How do you expect the Go Foil to impact the future of SUP?


Kai Lenny’s high-flyin’ downwind run on the hydrofoil.

Watch Zane take four lil’ groms on the ultimate party wave.