O’Neill Tahoe Cup: Donner Lake Highlights

The annual O’Neill Tahoe Cup kicked off last weekend with the five-mile Donner Lake race. More than 150 paddlers from across the country took to the water to compete with some of the top names in SUP racing for the first event of the three-part race series. Check out the results below:

Men’s Elite Unlimited
1. Rob Rojas
2. Rand Carter Jr.
3. John Merryfield
4. Michael Valenzuela
Men’s Elite 14′
1. Brennan Rose
2. Jay Wild
3. Ben Sarrazin
4. Seth Springer
5. Adam Freeman
Men’s Open 14′
1. Jimmy Spithill
2. Grant McFadyen
3. Steve Funk
4. Lance Erickson
5. Evan Derdowski
Men’s Open 12’6
1. Josiah Brackett
2. Ryan Funk

Women’s Elite 12’6
1. Jen Fuller
2. Anik Wild
3. Nina Oakley
4. Wendy Ackermann
Women’s Elite 14′
1. Sally Mellow
Women’s Open 12’6
1. Julie Stevens
2. Debbie Fogans
3. Brie Moore
4. Madeleine King

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Stay tuned as we follow the O’Neill Tahoe Cup throughout the summer.

For more information, visit: TahoeCup.org
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