SUP magazine’s 2014 Swimsuit Shoot

It’s been an incredible Summer here at SUP magazine. Each year, in honor of our Summer issue, we take pride in celebrating the season of wearing less. And paddling more.

So this year we shot our summer swim feature in beautiful North Carolina. From inland waterways to the wild Atlantic, the Tar Heel State never failed to inspire, ahem, the creative process. So take a look as we provide a four-part series highlighting North Carolina, the incredible swimwear as well as the company we kept during our four-day shoot this spring.

Click here for part II.

Brought to you by Surftech and Visit North Carolina.

Featured brands:
Mi Ola
Posh Pua Swimwear
CA by Vitamin A
Tori Praver Swimwear
Mileti Swimwear
Greenlee Swim
Lolli Swim
Lauren H2O

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