Breaching Whale Splashes California Paddler

You never know what marine life you might encounter on a given day on the drink. Paddle around the world, and chances are you’ll spot an amalgam of our ocean-dwelling friends—microscopic dinoflagellates (the fascinating culprits that cause bioluminescence), fish ranging from Hawaii’s micro-sized humuhumunukunukuapua’a to California’s massive great white shark, sea lions, manatees, dugongs and birds from all flocks of life.

While dugong and dinoflagellate sightings do occur all the time, our paddling experience proves that, here in California, we’re more likely to spot a dolphin, seal or if we’re really lucky, a whale.

Recently, whale activity off the California southern and central coast has been remarkably present. Multiple SUP mag staff members reported multiple humpback sightings over the weekend along the coast between San Clemente and Santa Barbara. While we were lucky enough to be on the water when these majestic creatures graced us with their presence, the experience depicted in this stunning footage shot offshore from Oceanside is about as breathtaking as a whale encounter can possibly get.

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