Destination: Ladybird Lake | Paddling Beneath the Austin Skyline

Paddling in urban environments is one of the more unique ways to explore a city. While most tourists may stick to the double-decker tour buses, paddlers know the trusty ol’ SUP is the way to go. So for those looking to paddle through a concrete jungle, they need to look no farther than Austin, Texas. It happens to be one of the most paddle-friendly cities in the United States, thanks to the sparkling blue gem known as Ladybird Lake. Also just so happens—Ladybird Lake is the location pictured on the cover of our current issue, the Urban Paddle Issue.

Located in the heart of downtown, Ladybird Lake offers people the opportunity to paddle in the shadows of Austin’s towering skyscrapers and long bridges. However, for those looking for a more remote paddling experience, Inks Lake State Park is another SUP hot spot. Located 60 miles north of Austin, paddlers can find solace where the buildings are replaced by trees in a more natural environment. This video highlights both locations and proves why Austin should be on your paddling bucket list.

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