Paddler Encounters Mega-Pod of Bottlenose Dolphins

When paddling in the ocean, marine life sightings are a pretty common occurrence. While it’s not every day you encounter a dolphin or whale, if you paddle enough it’s bound to happen. But even the most ambitious paddler might go his or her whole life without an encounter like this.

Here, one lucky paddler off the coast of Port Elizabeth in South Africa crosses paths with pod of 100+ (don’t bother trying to count them, trust us…) dolphins. If paddling with a pod of dolphins is not already on your bucket list, this video is sure to change that.

In case you need one more reason to love dolphins, we found out they’re Jimi Hendrix fans too.

Did you know Killer Whales are actually dolphins? See just how close another paddler gets to an Orca, alpha of all dolphins.