Picturesque SUP Yoga Session

While the practice of yoga dates back nearly 5000 years to ancient Indian cultures, the origins of SUP yoga are less clear. After standup paddleboarding exploded in popularity nearly a decade ago, yogis soon realized the stable platform of a SUP could be a perfect fit for yoga on the water. Before long, the sub-sport of SUP yoga was born and longtime yogis and beginners alike began to (pardon the pun) get their feet wet with this new way of practicing yoga.

Here we see a small group practicing SUP yoga in the ocean, balancing in traditional postures as the gentle swells pass beneath–giving them a stronger connection with the ocean. Add to that a beautiful sunset and you’d be challenged to find a more picturesque setting for a yoga session. So enjoy watching these paddlers connect with the ocean during a sunset yoga session, then grab your board and watch your stress melt away.


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