This summer, SUP magazine took a journey to Oregon. We picked up pro paddlers Morgan Hoesterey and Matt Becker as well as Managing Editor Will Taylor's home town buddies Luke Martinez and Dave Lacey and paddled 60 miles down the south coast of the state. The trip was four days and three nights, with the crew on the beach along the way.

We experienced many types of conditions: wind over 30 knots, smothering fog, blinding sun, large swell, pretty much everything but the rain the state is famous for. There were bruised egos, noodle limbs and chapped skin, but every night there were countless stories to be told around the fire.

Here's Part Three of the series.

Click here for Part Four.

Look for the full feature in our Fall Issue, on newsstands now.

For information on paddling in the area, contact Lacey South Coast Tours, LLC.

For rentals, check out the Inn of the Beachcomber.

Photo: Aaron Schmidt

Photo: Aaron Schmidt