A Greenhorn Hits the River

…and finds whitewater SUP is a lot more difficult than it seems on YouTube.

When it comes to whitewater paddling, it would be fair to say it’s harder than it looks. However, if you scour the depths of the internet, you’ll find countless videos of paddlers charging through raging rapids and yet, they rarely fall. So when we came across this video, we thought it appropriate to share the other (not so pretty) side of whitewater SUP.

Here we find an individual who decides he’s ready to give paddleboarding a try for the first time. Unfortunately for him, he decides to start out on a river. Not just any ole river…a fast-flowing class-hardcore river filled with turbulent rapids. As you might expect, this greenhorn spent more time in the water than he did on the board. But before you judge, try running a rapid (with proper instruction and safety precautions) yourself. You’re likely to relate to this guy’s experience more than most.

Now that you’ve seen the beginner stage, here’s some inspiration for where you can take river SUP.

More SUP fails, this time in the ocean.