Video | The Rivers of Scotland | Water of Life

“Mitch smiles as he overlooks the rapid. It's not the grin he sported the night before while handing me a dram of sacredly-good 19-year-old Glenfiddich Scotch Whisky. Or the dram after that. And the pint.

This is the tentative smile of a man trying something completely new and a little frightening. His cousin-in-law and fixer for our trip to Scotland, Terri Bryce, a spunky, athletic Scotswoman, has the same look. Terri's only been paddling a year but has gone after it hard, racking miles on Scotland's oceans, rivers, lakes and lochs. This stretch of water is a step up in difficulty. And she knows it.

By the time we're suited up and in the water, it's sleeting, dark and foreboding. I sit in an eddy upstream, shivering and nervous as our team bumps its way down the whitewater. It's a jumble of limbs and booties emerging from the brown snowmelt. Terri takes a prolonged swim and looks shaken up.

Maybe we shouldn't have had so much whisky last night?” --Will Taylor

This is an excerpt from our feature story, Water of Life from SUP mag’s Fall 2015 Issue. Read the full tale.