SUP Surfing and Racing at 2016 Santa Cruz Paddlefest

The 30th Annual Santa Cruz Paddlefest went off recently and the brotherhood of Riviera’s finest SUP surfers were there in full force. It was like a big family reunion, except instead of listening to ole Aunt Betty and Uncle Henry argue about the political landscape, these shredding brethren got the lineup at iconic Steamer Lane all to themselves. Not to mention, the Pacific was pumping, sending clean six- to eight-foot faces reeling below the lighthouse on West Cliff Drive.

Brennan Rose, Drew Brophy and Brandon Rambo took full advantage of the idyllic conditions and carved the large walls like men on a mission. Meanwhile, Ryan Helm showed off his signature finless technical skills in smaller surf, making 360 spins look automatic (we assure you they are not). In the end, it was Rambo who bested his teammates, placing second in the SUP surf contest and earning bragging rights over the boys. If only our own family reunions were so entertaining…

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