Video | Ryan Helm and Brandon Rambo

SUP Surfing Soldiers Slay San Clemente, California

What’s the biggest difference between Southern California SUP soldier Brandon Rambo and merciless missionary soldier John Rambo, Sylvester Stallone’s badass character from the 1982 blockbuster First Blood?

Stallone’s Rambo merely slaughtered a few Burmese militants…Brandon Rambo slaughtered contenders in both the Open Men’s Distance and Technical races through pumping surf at the Pacific Paddle Games presented by Salt Life. But Brandon’s slaughtering didn’t end at #PPG2015. Immediately thereafter, Rambo went ham-bone with Riviera teammate and fellow SUP warrior, Ryan Helm, to slay some ridiculously fun-looking San Clemente surf. Witness the SUP surfing massacre here for a fine showcase of just how lethal these SUPer heroes are with paddle-axe in hand.

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