San Francisco: Paradise For The Urban Paddle Guide

San Francisco is a standup paddler’s paradise. It offers surf, downwind runs (one of which stretches under the Golden Gate, on display here) and flatwater galore. There’s a growing SUP community, an abundance of famous historical landmarks (and more pertinently, watermarks), and despite its disposition as one of America’s largest metropolises, there’s plenty of natural beauty to be paddled betwixt. It’s one of America’s favorite SUP cities, and it’s a prime candidate for a submission in SUP’s Urban Paddle Guide presented by SUP ATX.

The Urban Paddle Guide presented by SUP ATX is SUP’s mission to build the best online resource for padding in towns and cities across the United States. It’s based around two things: America’s favorite paddling towns and our favorite paddling people—the readers! We’re accepting entries from all comers; all you have to do to get your town in the Guide is send us a picture(s), a brief description (no more than 350 words), then tell us about shops, restaurants and other resources as part of the entry form. We reward you with a chance to win a free trip to the Battle of the Paddle and the SUP Awards, along with a brand spankin’ new paddle from SUP ATX. It’s called symbiosis and isn’t it great?

Maybe your favorite paddling city is San Francisco. Maybe it’s Milwaukee. Wherever it is, submit your favorite paddling city to the Urban Paddle Guide for your chance to contribute to this exclusive resource and win big!

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