Zane Schweitzer Takes Four Groms Tandem SUP Surfing

Schwietzer Takes Four Groms Tandem SUP Surfing During His Community Outreach Clinic

As a surfer watching this clip, you’re probably thinking back to that golden era when you were green enough to enjoy any ripple and small enough that said ripple felt like Pipeline. It’s the type of clip that strokes the heartstrings of any surfing parent, sibling or child, and influences the rest to give surfing a try. We see here pro waterman Zane Schweitzer taking four groms tandem on the ride of their lives. We’re well acquainted with Zane the competitor, but we haven’t spent a ton of time with Zane the community icon. We caught up with his older brother Matty, talented filmer and certified drone pilot, to ask him about Zane’s community outreach and the story behind the shot. —MM

MS: Zane had just arrived back to Maui for just a few days and decided last minute to host an event the following day right in front of our home at Launiupoko beach park. A few Facebook posts later and a few phone calls and we were set! That day we were shocked by the turn out with such short notice. Luckily it’s right in front of our home so we have no shortage of Starboards! We had over 30 local kids come out to surf, eat lunch and learn some valuable tips on ocean safety, beach clean ups and the value of ocean knowledge.

Zane puts his heart and soul into these clinics and it really shows! He is up early organizing, talking to all the parents to ensure their kids are in safe hands and spends all day in the water helping everyone from first timers to kids currently competing. This clip shows Zane deep in his element sharing the love of surfing with a bunch of local Keiki from Maui. On days like this Zane has kids crawling all over him both on the beach and in the water and he loves it! We are currently planning our next “InZane SUPer Groms” event this Saturday again in Lahaina, right in front of our home at Launiupoko beach park!


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