Shark Sighting by Drone

The shark sightings in Southern California’s South Bay continue as we enter the summer season and standup paddlers seem to be the ones experiencing all the excitement firsthand. In May, Manhattan Beach’s Wagner Debreau captured footage of a great white from his SUP, and this week, another standup paddler has gotten in on the shark frenzy.

Photographer Bo Bridges was paddling 100 yards off the shore of Manhattan Beach when he spotted the beast. Initially, Bridges thought he was looking at kelp, but then quickly realized it was a guy in gray. Bridges captured the footage from his drone and told reporters this wasn’t his first shark sighting—he’s seen probably thirty in the last nine to twelve months.

Authorities say the shark spotted in Bridges’ video is a juvenile great white, around one or two years old. While there have yet to be any reports of aggression from the big fish, we aren’t sure we’d be chasing after them…

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