Soul SUP Surfing on Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island is not your stereotypical SUP surfing oasis. White sand beaches, palm trees and bikini-clad ladies are nowhere to be found, instead replaced by rugged shoreline, pine trees and wild animals. Wetsuits become a year-round necessity and lifeguards–well–what lifeguards? In short, SUP surfing on Vancouver Island is for the hardier paddlers among us.

A new film slated for release later this year aims to put a  spotlight on one of these rugged individuals. The short film will document the story of Jake Collard, a local diehard SUP surfer. Paired with footage of him carving on some sizable, clean waves, Collard explains what drives his passion for surfing. The same drive that fuels paddlers and surfers across the globe, whether in tropical Costa Rica or rugged Vancouver Island. As he puts it, “There’s nothing I’d rather be doing.” Can’t say we disagree, Jake.

Check out the incredible trailer for The Progression Project, another highly anticipated SUP surfing flick.

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