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Reflections from Progressive Pictures on Vimeo.

In standup, it’s easy to get caught up in the end goal of your discipline: maximizing paddle strokes for races, catching waves for surfing perfection or riding wind swells for the ultimate glide. Sometimes we forget to appreciate the parts of those sums. Our feet in the sand, the water around our bodies, the sun on our skin, our paddles in the water.

This eight-minute video captures the feeling of SUP in intricate detail. It shows a relationship between a man, two-time Swiss national standup champion Steeve Fleury, and his home body of water, Lake Geneva, which is nearly 60 percent Swiss and 40 percent French. From riding wind swell to stroking across quick-silver glass to shifting shadows, these are the moments we sometimes miss. Short films like “Reflections” remind us that we shouldn’t.

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