What’s the coldest weather you’ve ever paddled in? Chances are that temperature was nowhere near freezing, let alone below freezing. But some folks enjoy the challenge of paddling in cold weather, either by necessity or a shear sense of adventure.

Paddler Cristian Almonacid is one of these people. He resides in Argentinian city of Bariloche, which was recently hit by a brutal cold spell. In fact, one day the temperature plummeted to -13°F–which Almonacid claimed was the coldest ever recorded for the city.

So like any other reasonable person, he decided to go for a paddle. But while the experience of paddling through biting cold sounds terrible, the footage he captured reveals something amazing. The landscape looks like a mythical winter wonderland as steam rises from the lake and the surrounding shoreline is covered with a blanket of white snow. Check it out for yourself.


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