One of our favorite things about SUP is that all you need to practice is water. But while we always assumed water needed to be in its liquid state for SUP to occur, a new video came across our radars that dispelled that whole notion. The footage features Manuel and Mario Stecher (aka the Stecher Twins) standup paddling at an unconventional location: the ski slopes.

The brothers took out the fins, trekked up the side of the mountain and hopped on their boards for a SUP ride unlike any other. After the slopes, the duo decided to try their luck at a modified version of wakeboarding that consisted of a snowmobile, a rope and a SUP. They documented the entire experience for a project that never came to fruition, but recently decided to dust it off and release this priceless footage.

Though it begs the question, would you want to try this? Let us know in the comments below.

Another clip of taking a SUP down the ski slope.