The Arctic Ocean isn’t the first place to come to mind when dreaming about an epic SUP surfari. But in May when I traveled to Iceland with the crew from Blueline Paddle Surf, the term epic definitely applied in its most literal definition. What else do you call a waterman’s expedition where you paddle through icebergs in glacial lagoons, traverse Europe’s largest icecap, dodge a raging volcano, get drenched by spectacular waterfalls, stuck up to the axles on black sand beaches, soaked in eerily blue, hot geothermal pools, blasted by a series of lashing Arctic gales, get lost in tunnels under snow and sea, hike across black lava fields and around steaming volcanic vents, float across placid alpine rivers and mirror mountain lakes and stumble across a perfect point break? Epic? You bet. So make sure to look for the whole Icelandic saga in the winter issue of SUP magazine.

In the meantime, talented filmmaker Peter Trow takes us there with his short film. Call it an artist’s wrap-up. It makes me wish I was there now. –Editor-at-Large Sam George

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