Recently, on the ever-chatting peanut gallery that is the Internet, Stride Stand Up Paddleboards has taken guff for creating a standup board you can hunt off. Here, owner Luke Hopkins defends his invention.

Hunting from a Stand Up Paddleboard? What! Are you crazy? That is what some have said. That's not what I said when Shawn Hash from Tangent Outfitters called me with the idea which at that point had not been done. My response was I am right there with you…I already had a board called the Airlite BC, short for Blast and Cast. The board is actually designed for hunting and fishing, comes in camouflage, and is indestructible. When Shawn heard this it was like music to his ears. This was just the beginning. With all this in mind, I met with Shawn and discussed SUP hunting, a completely new way to sneak hunt waterfowl, that had tremendous results.

Stand Up Paddleboards are some of the most versatile watercrafts in the world. They can be paddled standing, sitting, kneeling, and even laying down. What makes them perfect for waterfowl hunting is just that. In the standing position, you can scout for birds much easier than in other positions. Once birds are spotted you can move a little closer kneeling or sitting and then laying down on the board in the prone position to get within shooting range.

Waterfowl are very smart. They know what kayak, canoes, and rafts look like. They also can spot the head profile of a person from over 500 yards within a couple of seconds. A paddleboard design for this is the only way that Shawn and I have been able to sneak up on birds on the water.

Take a look at the videos of Shawn Hash sneak hunting. One thing to keep in mind is that hunting is a primal activity that humans have been doing since the beginning of time and is a crucial element in the entire food chain. Shawn and I both eat healthy organic/free range foods and eat what we shoot. Hunting and fishing provides wild healthy food.

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