It’s been a good year here at SUP Magazine. And if you’re reading this, it’s now even better. Because 2011 has been all about you, the reader. We’ve spent long days (and nights) in front of the computer screen to feature the most complete standup viewing experience in the world. From the magazine, to the website, to culture-defining events like the SUP Awards, SUP magazine is about the people who use our publication in all its forms. Why? Cause we are the reader. In between those long stints in the office, we’ve gotten our fair share of play (wink, wink)––from lunch-hour surfs to quick weekends in the mountains and the bounty of lakes and rivers. We paddle too. We know what you want because we want to use paddling as an escape just as much. And we’re part of the digital age with you.

So in honor of you––and to push our own agenda of subscriptions being available in both print and iMag for 2012—we bring you the “Best of SUP mag” Flip Book. Here the editors and art directors came together to pick 11 of their favorite two-page spreads from the magazine in 2011. Help us honor the photographers that made them possible. Weigh in. Shout back. Keep reading and let your voice be heard. And most important, never stop paddling.

SUP magazine will produce a fifth issue in 2012. Look for the SUP mag Gear Guide—a complete resource on everything “equipment” in the standup world including the hard goods, the trends and the people who create the toys we love—on newsstands in late spring.