SUP Racing in Scenic Chile

We’re well past the novel stages of SUP as an outdoor adventure sport, and we now find standup paddling in a snowball of growing popularity as a worldwide pastime. As you’ll find in our upcoming spring issue, The Urban Issue (on sale March 4), new hubs and hot-spots are taking root all over the world. But in terms of cornerstone events and plain ol’ per-capita popularity, of all the world’s SUP hubs, Brazil seems to be the only one making wakes in South America…until now.

Introducing the Chilean SUP experience, a new Chilean SUP race that took place this year in the scenic city of Puerto Varas. The event attracted 42 paddlers to battle it out in either a 3K, 5K or 7K races on Lake Llanquihue, which surrounds the city.

However, it should come as no surprise that SUP is becoming more popular in Chile. The country features an incredible coastline that stretches over 2,600 miles and is riddled with inland waterways. Not to mention, the mountainous scenery along the coast is truly jaw-dropping. And given it’s novel space in the SUP scene, it remains relatively unexplored by SUP. For those looking for a to regain that novelty, Chile might just be the place for your next expedition.

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