Drone | SUP Surfing Northern California

Northern California’s coastline is about as rugged as they come. Cold water, powerful waves and steep cliffs make much of the coastline inaccessible to surfers and paddle surfers alike. But every so often, there are spots along this jagged coast that are havens for the surfing community. Nestled between San Francisco and Half Moon Bay, lies the sleepy town of Pacifica. With a population just under 40,000, this community is steeped in a rich surfing culture. This video features drone footage of a SUP surfer taking advantage of a solid swell in town. In addition, it also documents the dramatic cliffs that make up the NorCal shoreline. Put simply, this edit gives us a small taste of SUP surfing in northern half of The Golden State.

Some of the best in SUP surfing took a road trip to Northern California, you could say it went well.

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