No matter what board you favor, standup, longboard, shortboard, snowboard or something else, you’ll have a hard time hating on Fred Compagnon and his preferred wave-riding craft. Or should we say, crafts.

This man clocks tube time in France by paddling a SUP into massive swells at Hossegor…then jumping off said SUP and onto an Alaia (a thin, finless, wooden surf design from pre-20th century Hawaii). Beyond the uniqueness of Campagnon’s method, the skill at which he performs it is also impressive. Really, how many guys can get barrelled, carve rail turns and spin 360s on the same wave, on any board? He’s been doing it for years and while it’s been on our radar in the past, we figured a good Thursday throwback edit might be in order. And if you ever happen to try this yourself, we expect you’ll return the favor and send us some footage.

Video courtesy of Epic TV.

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