Exploring an Underground WWII Nazi Fortress via SUP

Size matters. For some aspects of life that means bigger is better, while in others, tininess is preferred. When it comes to exploring secret, underground locations via SUP, a smaller board has the advantage. And while we’ve seen plenty of paddlers squeeze into some pretty tight spaces, this one may just trump them all. Two adventurous paddlers took their inflatable paddleboards to Ostwall, an abandoned underground bunker network in Poland used by Nazi Germany during World War II. Today, the network of tunnels and forts is partially flooded, making SUP the ideal mode of transportation to explore this historical spot.

This video documents the men’s experience and is particularly eerie, bearing resemblance to what the world might look like after the zombie apocalypse goes down. Nevertheless, it is an incredible example of the fascinating places we can explore thanks to the (smaller) size of SUPs.

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