“The Questions We Ask” – Bruce Kirkby in a Kalum Ko film from Kalum Ko on Vimeo.

“Why paddle from Vancouver to Victoria?”

This video answers that question so well—and many others, including many of our reasons for standup paddling—that we’ll let them do the talking.

“Sure we grew blisters, felt tired, burned the tops of our feet, got grumpy when we didn’t eat. Sometimes lumpy seas and angry squalls slowed progress. We had to crawl over mud flats, backtrack, dodge ferries and their crashing wakes.

“Why paddle a standup board from Vancouver to Victoria?

“White sand beaches and crystal seas, fish and kelp beneath our feet, quiet camps on forgotten isles, cowboy coffee and driftwood fires. Silence. Friendship. And hours that stretched to the horizon.

“What is adventure?

“Adventure is curiosity, the willingness to embrace uncertainty. Wondering about the possibility of doing just one thing differently than before.

“A reminder that we’re still free.”