Last weekend’s Surftech Surf and Sand Duel and Shootout at the Lane presented by SUP magazine went big in Santa Cruz, Calif. Great weather, great conditions, solid swell, fantastic fan support. It all came together for three days of intense competition that saw Candice Appleby defend her race title and win the first all-women’s surf competition, Dave Boehne take his first win at the lane, Slater Trout his first race win and Chuck Glynn take the overall title. Check out the video to see why we’re so hyped.

Surftech Shootout at the Lane Results

1) Dave Boehne
2) Tommy Lloy
3) Brandon Rambo
4) Chuck Glynn

1) Candice Appleby
2) Dianne Wenzel
3) Morgan Hoesterey
4) Kimberly Gomez

Surf & Sand Duel Results
Men’s 12’6″

1) Slater Trout
2) Chuck Glynn
3) Matt Becker
4) Anthony Vela
5) Chance Fielder
Women’s 12’6″
1) Candice Appleby
2) Brit Oliphant
3) Morgan Hoesterey
4) Alison Riddle
5) Jen Fuller

Click here for full results.

Brandon Rambo was on fire all weekend. Photo: Will Taylor