2016 Taranaki SUP Classic

On a map, the island country of New Zealand looks like Australia’s little sibling. But do not be deceived, this country of 4.5 million people boasts some of the most beautiful landscape in the world. Tall mountains and lush greenery cover much of the country, while its many rivers and long coastline make it an idyllic place to SUP.

Earlier this month the Taranaki SUP Classic was held at Waitara Beach on the North Island town of Waitara. The event featured the trifecta of competitive SUP events: a surf competition, a surf race and a downwinder. This montage highlights SUP surfers shredding on head-high waves, while other paddlers are found racing through the beautiful countryside. No matter how you SUP, this is sure to add some fuel to your paddling desire.

Check out this dreamy river in New Zealand.

Take a virtual adventure through scenic New Zealand.