The Progression Project Trailer

A new film about progressive SUP surfing is about to hit the market and by the looks of the trailer, it’s gonna be epic. It appears to be a full-length surf flick of consolidated clips from the best in show. It aims to influence the identity of SUP surfing by delivering fresh style, and to disprove the misconception that SUP surfing is only suited for mushy waves with a no holds barred display of critical SUP shredding. Out to dispel that myth are standup paddling’s most progressive surfers including Mo Freitas, Caio Vaz, Zane Schweitzer, Sean Poynter and many others.

This elite group pushes the limits of SUP surfing with tail wafting fin drifts, torque-laden turns and g-force carves, massive barrels and plenty of big, critical waves. If their goal was to give progressive SUP surfing a fresh image, we’d say mission accomplished. With high production value and some of the best standup paddle surfing we’ve seen yet in a SUP flick, The Progression Project is shaping up to be one of the best SUP films of 2016.

PaddleWoo Production


For some progressive SUP surfing from the ladies, World Champ Izzi Gomez shreds in Hawaii.

Australian James Casey puts on a progressive SUP surfing clinic in big swell at Sunset Beach.