Welcome to another installment of The Rides We Love, SUP mag's tribute to the best (or most hilarious) rides in standup paddling, whether surfing, running rivers, catching downwind bumps or generally, going big.

Daniel Kereopa is an ocean legend in New Zealand. He skillfully maneuvers any water craft he’s on whether it’s a shortboard, longboard, standup paddleboard (all three of which he has national titles in), or waka (traditional Maori canoe). Here, he takes us for a morning SUP ride over a perfect sandbar on the west coast of New Zealand. How many barrels can a person get on one wave?

“I always like a challenge so I really wanted to confirm in myself that a SUP can be ridden in waves you typically would only see shortboarders in,” Kereopa told SUP magazine.

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Check out his website DKsurfing.com to follow his adventures.

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