The Wedge | Brennan Rose | A Mixed Bag of Boardriders

Newport Beach’s The Wedge is, for boardriders, somewhat like a watering hole in the Sahara Desert is for animals. When the water’s turned on, boarders from all walks of life show up to indulge and the place turns into an absolute zoo. Only, rather than nourishing it’s patrons, the water at The Wedge absolutely annihilates them (see 1:40). Surfers, skimmers, body surfers, boogie boarders, and yes, a growing population of SUPers show up to get knocked down at The Wedge at any indication of a bump in swell. It’s not California’s biggest wave, but it is one of California’s most notorious, thickest, heavily-energized waves. And for some odd reason only understandable by wave riders, when The Wedge is at its burliest, the crowd is at its most stoked.

Disclaimer: There isn’t much SUP in this video. But the fact that there is even one clip of a SUPer (see 2:31) is pretty awesome.  That SUPer is Brennan Rose, a Newport local and competitor on the Standup World Tour. We should note that, with the heavily localized crowd at The Wedge, Brennan is one of the few SUP surfers welcome to join in the lineup at The Wedge. Still, his presence is an indication of not only the progression of SUP, but the progression of the surf community’s acceptance of SUP.

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