Big-wave surfing legend and SUP pioneer Laird Hamilton has lived life in the fast lane. From the time he was a frothing towhead grom, Laird has been in the constant pursuit of riding bigger and better waves, by any means necessary. It’s what drove him to become one of the earliest adopters of standup paddling–it was just another means to ride great waves. But a life spent pursuing Mother Nature’s most fearsome waves takes its toll.

Filmmaker Rory Kennedy delves deep into this waterman’s fascinating life in his new film, “Take Every Wave: The Life of Laird Hamilton.” The film not only celebrates Hamilton as a legendary waterman, but also explores his darker past and the cost of his radical lifestyle. Garnering positive reviews thus far, the film has been making the rounds on the film festival circuit after premiering at the renowned Sundance Film Festival in January.

Get a sneak peak of the film with this new trailer.


Breathing exercises with Laird.

Watch: Laird surfing on a SUP foil.