There are places all over the world that might be considered paradise for paddlers. Picturesque environs of awe-inspiring nature to paddle through across the world.

Unfortunately, often times those places also have issues with waste disposal; undeveloped infrastructure, lack of awareness and proximity from the grid can cause plastic and other trash to lap at the shores. On the bright side, paddlers have an advantage in helping remedy the problem. A paddleboard is a great tool, one that gives us a reason to pick up trash as well as an great instrument to pick trash up with.

Here we find an operation in Santa Catalina, Panama that’s using community and paddling to clean up the beaches. By turning locals into standup paddlers, sharing equipment and inspiring environmental awareness in youth and community leaders, this endeavor allows these paddlers to enjoy the paradisaical Panamanian surroundings while helping both the community and its environment. Not a bad way to travel.

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